EXCLUSIVE: NYC Mandate Changes Have Nothing to Do with Kyrie Irving & Everything to Do with Powerful MLB Owners

Kyrie Irving, NYC Mandate March 2022 Real Story Exposed

Happy Birthday Kyrie. . .

For whatever reason, Kyrie Irving has been the face of why he decided to take a stand against the mandate. So much, that Stephen A went out of his way to throw harsh criticism at Kyrie for asking questions about the situation at hand. He went as far as to say should retire from the NBA, after taking a quiet protest on the mandate.

Well, Wednesday afternoon, reports surfaced that New York City would drop the private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which was required for performers and athletes to perform at local venues.

Thus far, Eric Adams has been the powerless puppet on TV (see: the President), who’s been taking much of the blame for Kyrie Irving not being able to play. However, Yankees captains Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have quietly said they’re not taking a vaccine and were willing to miss home games this season.

Now, MLB Mets owner, Steven A. Cohen, confirmed that half his roster is unvaccinated, which has been ignored by sports media and reporters. Mr. Cohen is worth more than $13 billion, as he’s been a generous bundler for political parties in the past, raising nearly a quarter million alone for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

With upcoming elections happening next year and 2024, some are under the belief that funding would’ve been pulled if certain sports players weren’t allowed to play. This was going to happen all along, but Kyrie was on punishment until the start of the MLB season.

Currently, mask regulations are now outlawed in virtually every state, as we’re not shocked at any of this happening. Don’t expect Kyrie to ever speak on this until he’s out of the league.

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