Kyrie Irving on Why Contract Extension with Celtics This Summer Makes No Sense

King Kyrie answers first 2019 free agency question

One of the most bizarre things to happen to the NBA, was witnessing both Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward go down with season-ending surgeries. With both players expected to be ready for training camp in a few months, the media is already asking him his plans for 2019 free agency.

If you remember over the weekend, chatter about Kyrie returning home to the NYC-NJ area sparked (to play for the Knicks), as Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports reported that the front office of the Celtics is worried about his future plans. Kyrie, who’s due for a super-max extension after next season, met with media today and spoke about the team’s next run.

He’s essentially touting this year as a redemption season, with hopes of winning another NBA title.

Regarding his future, Irving felt that it was too early to think about that headache and said it wouldn’t make sense from a financial stand-point to agree to anything right now (see: super-max).

Take a look at the clip below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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