EXCLUSIVE: What Kyrie Irving Thinks About Nets Trade, Why Kevin Durant & James Harden Want Him as Batman

The league & media’s favorite team 😈

For the last four years, we’ve seen the public burial of James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Now, with these three players in their prime years, the Brooklyn Nets pulled the trigger earlier this week on the mega-trade. While there’s belief that Kevin Durant will look into free agenc; he’s made New York City his home for the foreseeable future with Roc Nation Sports management backing him.

The biggest question leading up to their first game together, is how will the three superstars be able to co-exist. Before pulling the trade, Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks, had a conversation with both Kyrie and Durant – who were adamant on getting Harden to town. He said this in an interview with ESPN and Yes Network, following the deal.

However, we have information that’s not being said publicly on sports sites and podcasts. Before the trade became official, Harden had a meeting with Nets management and coaches to see where his head was at. He told them to not believe what you hear on TV and that he was there to win a championship.

Moments later, the deal was officially completed to change the landscape of the league. While they still have three roster spots open, the team is looking to get another center, as well as role players for the bench. Considering they lost Jarrett Allen, the Nets will be with DeAndre Jordan and Jeff Green in the front court until they find suitable replacements.

With this new addition, Sean Marks cited how Harden and Durant’s past history and friendship is a key to why he believes the situation will work. This means, James will be catering to Kevin’s style of play, knowing what he wants to and where he wants the ball. Literally, their only issue is defense, which will be relied heavy upon Kyrie Irving.

Last year, Harden led the entire league in steals and points, which was overlooked by many due to the pandemic. So, this Big 3 is already on the same page, with what needs to be done. Most shockingly, we were also told that Kevin Durant and James Harden both want Kyrie Irving to be the leader of the team.

Durant and Harden, who are two of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA, believe Kyrie will be the best decision maker on the court. Harden would become a true shooting guard with the three of them on the court together, and them sharing minutes until late in the 4th.

Some believe that James Harden will be moved to the bench and play as a 6th man, which would make the most sense. We’re here to tell you first, that Nets have no plans of keeping Harden on the bench, due to how much he’s making on a super-max deal.

Look for the team to fill in roster spots sometime next week.

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