Kyrie Irving Throws Basketball After Jamal Murray Tried to Score 50 Points

Last night, the League Pass game of the night was undoubtedly the Boston Celtics vs. the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets are a sure-fire playoff team this season, while the Celtics are the class of the Eastern Conference. The game was a sure barometer at how good both teams are, though they won’t face each other in the postseason.

It felt like a playoff game, though.

The talk of the game was Jamal Murray going off for 48 points, going right at Kyrie Irving in the clutch to seal the game at the end.

But he also pissed Irving off when the buzzer went off to end regulation.

Basically, Murray was letting the clock run out and attempted to surpass the 50-point mark by throwing up a wide open three pointer as time ran out, disrespecting Boston after sealing the win. Irving didn’t take this lightly and grabbed the ball, threw it into the stands and could be seen saying shit to the Nuggets after the game.

It didn’t escalate into punches or anything, but tensions were high and referees as well as security had to get in between to separate.

It’s safe to say the Nuggets have plenty of haters in the NBA for their bullshit.

UPDATE: The NBA has fined Kyrie $25,000 for throwing the ball into the stands.

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