The L.A. Clippers Are the Favorites to Win 2020 NBA Title

After making one of the biggest moves in NBA history and acquiring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the team, the Los Angeles Clippers have become relevant and maybe for the first time ever, the favorites to win the NBA title.

According to Caesars Sportsbook this past weekend, the franchise went from from 10-1 to 11-4 to win the championship next season.

The Los Angeles Lakers follow the Clippers as favorites at 4-1, with the Milwaukee Bucks being at the same odds coming out of the Eastern Conference.

The Golden State Warriors went down to 10-1 after dominating the league for so long.

Though Las Vegas is known to get most bets right, right now it’s a toss up as far as who will win next season. The Clippers may be leading the race (for now), but there’s about 7-10 teams that could take it next year.

Who’s your pick to win the NBA championship next year?

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