The Lakers Enforce the “Lavar Ball Rule” on Media

LaVar Ball has been front and center in the media since his son Lonzo was at UCLA. The attention on him continued to rise through the draft and his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. This season hasn’t served too kindly to young Ball, who is being criticized and already being considered a bust for his play in the first half of the year.

Obviously, LaVar hasn’t been one to hold his tongue and has been openly critical of the coaching staff in Los Angeles, as well as some of Lonzo’s teammates.

Today, the Lakers are taking steps to minimize the amount of negative chatter surrounding the organization, enforcing an ‘existing policy’ about the media being present in a section of the arena where family gathers after games.

Interviews taking place near the tunnel by the visiting team’s locker room where agents, family and friends wait for players will now be banned.

LaVar will also not be able to give on-court interviews because that privilege is for those directly credentialed by the STAPLES Center.

They are calling it a “privacy concern.”

But don’t worry, ESPN will have LaVar across the street after the game in L.A. if he needs to voice his opinion on the state of the organization and coaches.


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