Lavar Ball & Sons Discuss China Incident, Playing Overseas on The Breakfast Club

Big Baller Brand 2K18. . .

Lavar, LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball, made their debut on The Breakfast Club to discuss an array of topics. Last month, LaVar decided to pull his sons from collegiate and high-school levels, for homeschooling. This week, the two inked a deal to play for a professional team in Lithuania.

During the 40-minute conversation, the three touched on how there is no plan-b for the family reaching the NBA after this stint overseas. This continued into LaMelo discussing his unfortunate China incident and LaVar touched on Donald Trump’s public tweets about the family not thanking for allegedly intervening with the situation. LaVar went to discuss how the media has twisted his words, including clearing up his comments on allegedly calling Luke Walton a soft coach.

Take a look at more from the full conversation; where they open up on being attacked by Christine Leahey, whether or not they’d get the same treatment if they weren’t black and much more.

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