Lavar Ball Defends Himself in Heated Argument with Fox Sports 1’s Kristine Leahy

“What’s the name of this show again?” – LaVar Ball

Today, LaVar Ball spent his morning on FS1 1 to discuss the Lakers landing the no. 2 overall pick for next month’s draft. With his son, Lonzo Ball, set to likely be drafted by the purple and gold, he was guest on The Herd with Colin Cowherd to open up how he spoke his prophecy into existence.

However, in the midst of having a conversation with Colin, well-respected reporter Kristine Leahy unfortunately had some passive-aggressive questions for the entrepreneur – regarding the future of his Big Baller Brand Company. Prior to coming on the show, Ms. Leahy insisted that he’s an abusive parent, which LaVar wasn’t a fan of. While he openly accepts, criticism regarding how he presents himself on cameras, personal matters were not up for discussion.

This was evident on the interview, when he told Kristine to stay in her lane regarding a question on the sales of his sneakers. Ball went to say that Big Baller Brand wasn’t intended to be marketed to women – but closed out saying he does has plans for a spin off line.

Take a look at cause and reaction media clips below.

Lavar Ball defending himself on attack by Kristine Leahy

Original Video of Kristine Leahy criticizing his parenting

Full Cam Footage interview from today until Fox uploads proper

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