LeBron James Admits Lakers Need A Lot of Work to Compete with Warriors

Whether you fall on the side of “Lakers will make the playoffs” or the side that thinks they won’t, one thing is for sure: The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten better. You don’t add LeBron James to a team and get worse.

During today’s media day in Los Angeles, LBJ stepped into the press conference to talk about his new team and he was certainly hit with a ton of questions.

His expectations of the season, what “success” is to him this year, playing for a new city, and the pressure he has to win were all questions he was asked but one of the most interesting was when a Brazilian outlet asked him about the Golden State Warriors. Lebron acknowleges that the baby Lake Show have a long way to go to get to the Warriors’ level because they’ve been playing for years, while the Lakers are starting from scratch.

Also, the next question about him juggling projects and off-the-court endeavors was funny because he threw a zinger at the journalist and shut him down.

Check out what he said and how much high esteem he holds for Rajon Rondo at the end too. James is excited to play with a cerebral player like him because they both have a vision for things that others don’t see. A mind for the game that’s rare.


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