LeBron James & Kevin Durant Get Real About Pressures of Being Elite Athletes

UNINTERRUPTED Presents: Rolling with the Champion!

A few weeks ago, LeBron James and Kevin Durant partook in UNDEFEATED’s Rollin with the Champion series, to have a sit-down conversation. With LBJ going to a few landmarks around Akron, Cari Champion asked him a Kevin Durant a slew of questions while driving an Uber.

James got blunt about the unfortunate incident that happened at his Brentwood mansion last fall, where a person spray-painted the word nigger on his gate. The King went to say, “No matter how far you come, there are always people who want to let you know that you are still beneath them.

You either cave in to that notion or you say, you know what, I’m going to paint over this gate and make it taller.” Watch more from the conversation below, where Durant asks his basketball idol a few questions about balancing fatherhood and the game – as well as making his own career path.

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