LeBron James Becomes First Player in NBA History to Record Triple-Double Against All 30 Teams

We all know LeBron James is one of the best players on the planet but last night, he did something no other player in NBA history has done.

He recorded a triple double against the Oklahoma City Thunder (he had 25 points, 11 rebounds & 10 assists), making him the first player in NBA history to have that stat line against all 30 teams in the league over the course of his career. It was his 86th triple-double in total.

He had no idea of his achievement, but was told about it after the game.

On his heels is Russell Westbrook, who has had a triple against every team in the league as well, except his former Oklahoma City squad. Mainly because he played there his entire tenure, before being traded to the Houston Rockets this past offseason. He plays against OKC on January 9 and 20, so we’ll see if he can achieve the historic feat next year.

Following Russ, Jason Kidd is third with triple doubles against 28 teams, Larry Bird is next with 25 teams and Magic Johnson is locked in at fifth with 24.

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