LeBron James Addresses Kevin Durant’s “Toxic” Comments, Recruiting Players

With the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors ready to face off tomorrow on Christmas Day, it’s no surprise Rachel Nichols got the sit down with LeBron James to talk to him about some of the controversy and news stories that have been swirling around him in the media lately.

From being super basketball pops to the possibility of playing with Bronny Jr. in the league, he was ready to talk. He also spoke on what it would be like to play with his good buddy Carmelo Anthony and how he’s managed to get past father time and put up some of the best numbers of his career this season. It’s truly remarkable to see.

Interestingly, he opened up about a conversation he had with Kevin Durant after those “toxic” comments he made. He said he was pissed when he first heard about them, as well as his family and friends. Apparently, the two talked about the interview and settled things over the phone and LBJ has put it behind him.

He also addressed those Anthony Davis comments and confessed that he’s been trying to recruit players to play with him since 2007. Turns out many have rejected him, but when things came together (like in Miami with the Heat), they paid off.

Watch all of this and more in the ESPN clip above.

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