LeBron James Explains Coach Dynamic, Enjoying the Present Time

Regardless of what you think of LeBron James, his show on HBO is dope. This past week, he had Drake on there talking about his beef with Kanye West and why he never responded to the Pusha T beef when it was at its peak.

In two bonus clips from the show that didn’t air, LeBron can be seen talking to the likes of Mo Bamba, Ben Simmons, Maverick Carter and more about the coaching dynamic and he revealed some interesting things. He said that throughout the course of his career, he never felt above any coach because there’s a hierarchy.

As far as Luke Walton, he hasn’t figured out what to call him yet, but with Coach Lue, he told a funny story of what he would call him.

In the second clip, he can be seen talking to Drizzy about enjoying the present time he’s in and then looking back at everything he accomplished only after he retires.

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