EXCLUSIVE: LeBron James is Furious About Kyle Kuzma Trade Drama & How it Affects Anthony Davis’ Future

How much more help ya’ll need?

One of the most bizarre stories of the NBA trade deadline, was the Los Angeles Lakers not making a single move. This led to experts predicting that the team was going to make multiple moves and surround their stars with role-players. Last weekend, LeBron James was planning to get defensive help in the forward position, with the team trading for then-Knicks player, Marcus Morris.

At the time, the Los Angeles Lakers had a deal in place to send Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green to New York and complete a trade before last week’s deadline. So much, that LeBron’s former agent, Leon Rose, was hired as the new team president of the Knicks and basically had a done deal.

The botched trade has shocked LeBron James this weekend, as Rich Paul and Anthony Davis are also scratching their heads. The plan was for Kyle Kuzma to became the face of the Knicks for the rest of the season, with him being informed last weekend of the trade. Klutch Sports essentially found out that the Marcus Morris to Clippers trade happened on social media.

We’re told that Kuzma even had his bags packed and was already moving things out of his Hollywood mansion for the move to Gotham. However, due to Danny Green’s contract and the Los Angeles Lakers not having any future picks to move, the Clippers had what the team wanted.

The winners of the entire trade deadline, were the Knicks, who cleared cap-room and got picks to shop or use this summer. Not getting Morris has also affected the future of Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers, who picked Kuzma to stay. Prior to the trade deadline, the front office and Klutch Sports had problems dating back to 2018, with leaking information for the infamous botched trade for AD.

This led to Jeanie Buss threatening to trade LeBron James, putting his name in the public for rumors. LeBron, AD and Rich haven’t forgotten the front office threats, including them trying to strong arm Kyle Kuzma into signing with Klutch Sports. Many thought Kuzma’s issues with LeBron started on the court, when he pushed him on defense.

However, not signing with Klutch Sports and picking his own agents caused a strain on their relationship. More so, that Anthony Davis took more offense (for whatever reason) than LeBron did, as those two have the real issues. The next few weeks should be interesting to say the least, because we don’t expect them to beat the Clippers in the playoffs.

More so, that we predict that Anthony Davis could leave the Lakers by free agency 2021 and join LeBron former sports agent in the New York Knicks. Leon Rose, who’s currently running the team as president, could possibly be a highly-attractive person to big names throughout the league.

Considering the Knicks have cap room for two-max signings this summer and next, we’re expecting Rich Paul and LeBron James to look into moving their client, Anthony Davis to a new city.

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