LeBron James & Los Angeles Lakers Targeting Dwight Howard after DeMarcus Cousins Season-Ending Injury

The fake King of the NBA strikes again. . .

Before the start of free agency last month, we were already hearing rumblings of the Los Angeles Lakers targeting Dwight Howard. However, Rajon Rondo and Anthony Davis convinced them that DeMarcus Cousins was the guy they needed to put them over the top. U

nfortunately, Boogie went down with a season-ending ACL injury a few days ago, as they’ve had to look elsewhere for front-court help. While we believe this is the best 15-man roster LeBron James has ever apart of, the team still feels they need to add players to compete with The Los Angeles Clippers.

This weekend, reports have surface from Yahoo Sports, that the team has requested permission to speak to Dwight, and that there’s mutual interest from the former all-star player.

We’ve heard that the team is planning some type of compensation for Memphis, who will likely buyout Howard before the start of training camp in a few weeks.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Dwight going back to the Lakers.

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