LeBron James Posterized Nemanja Bjelica Crazy In Lakers Win Over Kings

At this point, LeBron James has been hearing about how old he is and how many years he’s been in the league and probably even heard murmurs of him being washed, but he’s out to prove that he’s still got gas in the tank. This season for the Los Angeles Lakers, Bron Bron has been a beast, though the help of Anthony Davis has certainly helped.

Last night against the Sacramento Kings, the Lake Show got the close win and with the second quarter winding down, James made sure to remind folks that he can still ball.

The Lakers were down two and LeBron was bringing the ball up the court, when he decided to put the moves and drive straight to the rack, where Nemanja Bjelica was waiting for him. Except, LBJ decided to bring it down with authority.

James finished the game with 29 points, 11 assists and 4 rebounds in the 99-97 win over the Kings, who had a shot to win it but missed the opportunity.

Surprisingly, LBJ knocked down some free throws down the stretch that sealed the game too.

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