LeBron James Is Preparing for Isaiah Thomas’ Return Through NBA 2K

The Cleveland Cavaliers went from a slow start to the hottest team in the league, amassing a nice winning streak recently. It is now December and Isaiah Thomasreturn is near. So how is Lebron James getting ready for that? Through NBA 2K, of course.

The King spoke to reporters about how he loves playing the game, because it’s one of the most realistic games out there. Plus, it helps him fuck around with the lineups to give him ideas on how to get better.

He also gave props to 2K Sports for their portrayal of him in the game.

Either way, at the rate the Cavs are moving right now, they might just get deadly by the time the playoffs start and they battle it out with the Boston Celtics for that Eastern Conference title. Then, most likely face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals again for ultimate glory.

Does ‘Bron do video game blackout during the post-season too?

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