LeBron James Reportedly Narrows Down 2018 Free Agency Decision to 2 Teams

It ain’t about east or west. . .

Before Cleveland fans go crazy again and burn jerseys in two weeks, some interesting news has emerged. While the same report is coming from various NBA insiders, Colin Cowherd revealed this week that LeBron James has narrowed down his 2018 final free agency to just two teams.

According to Cowherd’s unnamed source (who’s also providing this information to ESPN), LeBron will either re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers or join the Los Angeles Lakers. Just one day after reports emerged that LeBron didn’t like Houston as a city for a paring with James Harden and Chris Paul, the King’s family is an intricate part for his plans later this month.

His wife, Savannah James, wants the family to settle down, with their children entering different stages of grade school. At the top of the week, it was reported that LeBron James Jr. had committed to Sierra Canyon High in Los Angeles. However, the school denied the news, saying they hadn’t heard from the James family about any admission plans.

Well, below, you can take a look at collected clips of why many are believing the King is destined for purple and gold. Let us know below if you think pairing up with Lonzo Ball, Paul George, Kyle Kuzma and another free agent is enough to beat the Golden State and Boston.

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