EXCLUSIVE: The LeBron James vs. Lakers Fight Meltdown after Kyle Lowry Botched Trade Explained

Lakers in 6. . . .

Over the weekend, we broke down the blasphemy Stephen was spewing to the masses, citing that the Brooklyn Nets were unstoppable. However, after the Los Angeles Lakers pulled the Andre Drummond buyout on Sunday; real basketball fans know that he was the final piece in making them the favorites to win the championship. The team was already going to get Drummond, but LeBron also wanted Kyle Lowry.

We’re not sure why he would want Lowry there, because they needed interior defense. Lowry is an aging veteran and wouldn’t be able to keep up with the younger point guards out west. Dennis Schröder perfectly fits that system in what they’re trying to do, and that’s having a lock on the wnig. Now, last Thursday, the Lakers had a deal in play to send Schröder, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Talen Horton-Tucker to the Raptors in exchange for Lowry.

Beforehand, LeBron told management not to trade THT in any deal for Kyle. Somehow got mad at the organization for following his wishes, on not dealing THT. Now, following that debacle, James got into a screaming match with Rob Pelinka for the botched situation. This was after the Clippers got Rajon Rondo, so LeBron got into full panic-mode (which happens annually); blaming the front office for lack of help at the trade deadline.

Without Jeanie Buss getting involved, they immediately began to field calls to the former team of LeBron James, who didn’t want to do a deal with them, initially. It’s gotten to the point, where the exact terms of the buyout haven’t been revealed. So, some around the offices of the league, believe that Drummond gave back more than most would expect to return in a buyout from the Cavaliers.

With the under-the-table move made, Drummond is set to see that money recouped just from being in Hollywood. If you don’t believe us, just google search “Andre Drummond Buyout Terms”, nothing comes up. With the team a lock to make it to the western conference finals, if injury free; they’ll have to make serious decisions on the franchise’s future.

This means a likely Andre Drummond max-deal will be reached, along with having to part ways with Dennis Schröder. Montrezl Harrell is also on the block, with Kyle Kuzma ultimately having diplomatic immunity from the team owner. Everything is good now, after the Andre Drummond contract.

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