LiAngelo Ball Opens Up About Leaving UCLA and China Shoplifting Incident

The biggest news this week concerning the Ball family, has been the fact that LiAngelo is leaving UCLA and maybe going overseas to get ready for the NBA Draft next year.

In an interview with TODAY, ‘Gelo talks about what happened when he got caught shoplifting in China. He said that a few people took sunglasses and he didn’t think much of it until he got back to his hotel room. He ended up spending a night in jail and then got released.

Young Ball also spoke on why he didn’t want to sit and be suspended at UCLA, and of course, LaVar took over for a bit and talked about their plans for the future.

UPDATE: Jason Whitlock says LiAngelo lied in his interview, pointing to his card getting declined as the reason he stole the sunglasses. He also say his sources told him he was the sole perpetrator and the other two gentlemen did not need to be thrown under the bus for their part in the incident.

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