Magic Johnson Comes Clean About Quitting Lakers, LeBron James & Rob Pelinka

Today’s First Take was very interesting. Magic Johnson was on the show to talk to Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman about what happened when he quit his job as President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.

First thing’s first, Magic said that he didn’t like Rob Pelinka talking inside the organization and outside of it saying he wasn’t doing his job.

He also said that Luke Walton’s firing was a topic that bothered him, because he wanted him out but he didn’t feel that Jeanie Buss gave him the power to do so. Apparently, she got other people involved and he wasn’t making the final decisions.

“When it’s not fun for me… I gotta step aside,” he said.

Johnson admits that the way he handled the LeBron James aspect may not have been the best, but he doesn’t regret anything that he did. Magic said he did it his way.

Among the other topics he spoke on were buying the Lake Show if they were up for sale, the Anthony Davis saga and breaking that down, etc.

UPDATE: During today’s press conference to introduce new head coach Frank Vogel, Rob Pelinka refutes any claims that he “backstabbed” Magic and says the two have spoken and had joyful conversations since his he stepped down. Pelinka looks forward to speaking to him again about the matters but feels disheartened by his interview today, mentioning that he thinks is sad that Johnson believes the misconceptions to be true.

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