Magic Johnson Hints At Summer Plans with Los Angeles Lakers

One of the big questions this offseason has been surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers and whether or not they will break up the young core to go after Paul George or other big name players. During the NBA combine, Magic Johnson was asked what he was planning to do as new President of Basketball Operations and he said some interesting things.

He mentioned the fact that he wanted to keep some of the salary cap, possibly for next season, he’s banking on that late first round pick and teased some trades that could happen.

So, basically, every possibility is in the cards.

While he wasn’t guaranteeing or saying anything about keeping that Top 3 pick, he was asked about Lonzo Ball and his father and whether or not that would affect his draft stock. He told ESPN that they would be drafting the son, not that father and it’s his skill that matters.

“What you’re drafting is the son and not the father. I think that you also are gauging and evaluating his son on his ability and what he can do not only on the basketball court but also what he can do for your team. How he can enhance and make your team better.”

Meanwhile, that father he speaks of was on ESPN Radio 710 LA, saying he doesn’t want advice from Kobe Bryant and that he’s not trying to pattern after anybody. Ok, guy.

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