How Adrien Broner Should’ve Beat Manny Pacquiao Easily

“I won the fight” – Broner.

One of the most baffling things in the world of sports, has been the career of Adrien Broner. In a sense, that he has all the talent and charisma in the world to be the biggest thing in sports – but has been an underachiever over the last four years. Since first losing to Marcos Maidana, right before 2014, we don’t think Broner has ever properly regained his confidence.

This is due to a horrible training team and too many yes-men around his inner circle. A change of training teams could help him resurrect his boxing career, as he hasn’t won a fight in nearly two years. Last night, Adrien fought in his first ever main event bout on PPV, and is likely heading back to standard cable after this outing. This dates back to the initial first press conference five months ago, when Broner showed up to the meeting out of shape.

At the time, Manny Pacquiao was already ready and had his conditioning in place. So, we’re assuming Broner was well above 147 and struggled to drop down to 140. This is where he should be dominating smaller fighters, but is too lazy to put in the work. During the fight, Adrien’s inexperience flat out cost him the fight, which wasn’t handled right from his trainers to make adjustments.

In the early stages, Manny started out with pressure on his opponent, landing jabs; which was a primary initiative set in place from Freddie Roach and the rest of his team. He continued with body shots and out boxed Broner, who wasn’t active enough the entire night. The entire bout came down to him not being active enough against his older opponent. Adrien looked lost, which was at the fault of his trainers, who only expected him to counter Pacman all night.

As we stated earlier, Manny looked slow, but he still had reflexes in-tact, at a very lower speed than previous years. This threw Broner off, which Pacman showed no set speed or range and changed every punch. By the 7th round, Pacman was looking for the knockout and used a lot of his energy in that round, similar to his fight with Floyd Mayweather. After Broner was tagged, he opted to look good for the press conference and not take a chance on trying to get closer to Manny.

This is where he was supposed to attack Manny, and make him uncomfortable; because he was gassing for air by the 11th round. Pacman wasn’t hurt at all the entire night and could take punches, from his less-skilled opponent. In the later rounds, Broner really lost the fight trying to land counter-over jabs (needs to change his defensive stance) and didn’t sit on his combo throws.

This allowed Manny to make instant adjustments every punch his opponent was throwing (which wasn’t a lot from scorecards). According to judges, he threw only 8 punches a round and didn’t even try to press Manny the entire fight. If he was aggressive enough, this would’ve changed everything against the Filipino icon; who’s already planning to retire after one or two more fights.

At the age of 29, we just expected Broner to take advantage of the 40-year-old Pacquiao, but he played it safe – which now has his career in shambles. Hopefully, he wakes up and understands that he’ll never win again if sits back and waits for opponents to throw punches. With Manny sitting back the entire night, Broner didn’t go forward and would’ve put pressure on his opponent.

If he stays with this same training team, nothing for his career in boxing is going to change against elite opponents. They’re too afraid to tell him what he should be doing. Once he makes that adjustment, things will change once he listens and accepts his role of being a student of the game.

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