Maria Taylor Set to Leave ESPN after Rachel Nichols Controversy for NBC Sports

Maria Taylor Joins NBC Sports, Leaves ESPN

Welcome to NBC Sports!?

Maria Taylor joins NBC Sports, leaves ESPN after the Rachel Nichols disparaging comments and controversy that’s given the network a black cloud. It looks like Maria Taylor is on the verge of officially signing a deal with NBC Sports, according to Front Office Sports. Last week, it was revealed through various outlets, that Maria Taylor had been offered $3 million to stay.

However, she’s wanting to make triple that, and deserves every penny in pursuit of a new home. Its being reported that she could host Football Night in America, where she would replace Mike Trico when he moves to the play-by-play duties when Al Michaels leaves. Other options, and the best possibilities for Mrs. Taylor would be NBC TODAY morning show, as well as duties for College Football Saturday in the fall.

While the contract is about 50% done, look for Maria to address everything after the NBA Finals this month. Let us know in the comments if you think she should stay at ESPN or go to NBC Sports.


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