Marshawn Lynch Receives Red Card After Scoring Goal in Soccer Game


It took all but 10 seconds after checking into the game for Marshawn Lynch to get carded. Seriously. During a Seattle Sounders celebrity soccer match, BEAST MODE was substituted in for some second half action. The Oakland Raiders running back kicked off the second half and he ran all the way up the pitch in between defenders. When he finally received the pass, he picked up the ball and bullied his way to the back of the net.

Seconds later, the ref came in and showed him the red card to kick him out of the game.

Marshawn’s reaction was classic too. He knocked the card out of his hands and then kicked the ball out of play, losing a flip flop in the process. Luckily, he’s not getting fined for this.

Stick to running down the middle and getting the ball at the goal line, bruh

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