The NBA Is Revamping All-Star Game With Non-Conference Teams

You know you asked the question during the course of the offseason: Who the fuck is going to play for the Eastern Conference in this year’s All-Star game?

Jimmy Butler is in the Western Conference with the Minnesota Timberwolves now. Paul George is in Oklahoma City. So is Carmelo Anthony. Gordon Hayward is out East with the Boston Celtics, but can we even cook up a starting lineup in the Eastern Conference? It seems like the West is ridiculously stacked.

After last year’s snoozefest of a game, Chris Paul and the NBA Player’s Association decided to switch up and with league approval, things will be different.

In Los Angeles for next year’s All-Star game, two captains will pick their teams, regardless of conference play. Those two captains will come from the fan vote, for the two players who get the most number of votes.

Last year, it would have been LeBron James and Steph Curry.

As far as the voting is concerned, fans will still vote for the starters and head coaches will pick the reserves. The captains will choose their teams based on those picks.

The All-Star Draft has not been announced yet, but look for the NBA to announce details on it soon. For now, Christmas Day is when fan voting will begin, with the results for the starters coming January 18 and the reserves on January 23.

What do guys think of the changes? Will it make you watch?

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