NBA Likely Won’t Consider Playoff Reseeding for Post-Season Future

New ideas to spice up the NBA postseason have been tossed around for a few years now and one that has gained popularity in recent memory is the reseeding of conference finalists, and putting the best 16 teams in the playoffs.

Of course, this idea would need a two-third’s vote and the support of owners from the Eastern Conference to be on-board. And considering some East teams make it into the postseason without a winning record (as it stands, the Brooklyn Nets are in the eighth seed with a 16-19 record, while the Orlando Magic have a record of 17-20 and sit at the seventh seed), it would be hard to sway them to vote for this and miss out on playoff revenue.

Couple that with increased travel schedules for coastal teams and the loss of traditional rivalries and you have yourself a vote that will not pass.

The NBA would much rather see an in-season tournament and play-in for the last seeds than the reseeding idea that has picked up steam lately. In April, the league will have its board of governors to propose more ideas.

Though we may not get to see the best two teams in the NBA battle it out in the NBA Finals (regardless of conferences), changes are coming to the league soon.

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