EXCLUSIVE: The Day the NBA Stole Kyrie Irving’s Smile

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Just last week, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets were the media’s worst enemy, as the Dark Knight had gone rogue from the NBA. Yes, the Dark Knight, because he’s the person that hit the shot and brought Cleveland their first championship in over 50 years. Now with reports of him buying the family of George Floyd a house, they’re having a change of heart.

So much, that Kyrie is being called a hero for the act when just last week he was called a quitter and idiot by those in the media. He’s on the perfect team, because Kevin Durant doesn’t fuck with any of them niggas in media or around the league that are in power.

James Harden, who’s been receiving the same treatment, shut up media as well, when he scored a triple double in his debut with the Brooklyn Nets last weekend. The team even beat the Milwaukee Bucks without Kyrie Irving, as they’re still missing key pieces to the team.

However, you’re all here to find out why Kyrie actually lost his smile. When Irving was drafted to the NBA, he landed on the Cleveland Cavaliers as a lottery pick. He was destined to be the successor to LeBron James, as the team had given him the keys to the organization. Before LeBron came to the Cavaliers for a second time, the team had given Kyrie a max extension just days before.

Dan Gilbert went back on his promise of making Kyrie the franchise player and shifted focus back to LeBron James; who decided to rejoin the team. They had success going to the NBA Finals every year in their three years together. Contrary to popular belief, Kyrie was great with LeBron James, in the sense that he had no plans of leaving the team.

Even when they lost two out of three NBA Finals to King Steph Curry; Kyrie still believed in the organization and franchise to acquire more pieces around him and LeBron. However, after their 2017 NBA Finals appearance, where they lost 4-1; Mr. James felt the team needed an entire makeover. Before having them waste salary cap, James had facilitated a trade with the Phoenix Suns to trade Kyrie Irving for Eric Bledsoe.

We’re not sure why the fuck this trade would happen, considering Kyrie was an all-star. This deal was already agreed upon, and was being presented to Adam Sliver to sign off on. Moments before they planned to submit the trade to the front offices of the NBA, Kyrie’s agent was randomly at Cavaliers headquarters and found out about the information. After having a conversation with David Griffin, Kyrie asked him was LeBron James behind the trade.

It’s common knowledge that James also has input on any roster move that happens with acquiring new talent; including a person that’s on Klutch Sports like Eric Bledsoe. Following the conversation with Griffin, Kyrie approached LeBron, who denied having any involvement with the Suns trade.

That’s the real reason he left the Cleveland Cavaliers, was the simple fact that he was lied to his face. With the franchise he wanted to retire with turning their back on him, that moment made him lose his smile.

After spending a season on the Boston Celtics with teammates that never wanted him, Kyrie united with his Roc Nation family member, Kevin Durant.

Last year, the NBA launched a new social justice campaign, in efforts to help end police corruption and murder against innocent black people.

Everything came to a head last October during the NBA Finals, when a black man was founding hanging from a tree at an Orlando park. His hands were tied to a tree; but somehow, local police ruled the lynching a suicide.

This incident was just a few minutes away from the NBA Bubble at Walt Disney World, as the league decided to continue to play. That didn’t sit well with many around the league, who thought the entire purpose was to shed light on serious issues.

Exactly a month ago, the NBA returned without its racial justice messaging, as many players in the league have been quiet. With the exception of Kyrie Irving, who didn’t want to shut up and dribble; he’s become more than an athlete with his quiet protests and good deeds that the media ignored up until this week.

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