Nick Young Throws Worst Pitch Of All Time

Barry Bonds was not on the mound, P.

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Everything was all smiles for Swaggy P before the Dodgers game last night. He and the Lakers Jordan Farmar were slated to throw the first pitch at the game and even got pointers from the legendary Orel Hershiser before going on the mound. Following the likes of Sandy Koufax is no easy feat, but Nick Young was so off the mark, we’re glad he stuck to basketball as his sport. Word to Charles Barkley, it was TURRIBLE.

It’s pure comedy how the announcer threw him under the bus after the pitch too, but as the Dodgers put it, there was “A little too much swag on this pitch.”

If you missed the Nick Young failure, watch it for yourself below. Guaranteed laughs.

Does this top the pre-three pointer celebration from last month?

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