Odell Beckham Jr. Caught Partying With Woman in Hotel Room

We all know Odell Beckham Jr. loves to have a good time and party it up on occasion. He was part of that boat trip before a playoff game a few seasons ago. He was also seen partying at bowling alleys with Iggy Azalea instead of training with his teammates at New York Giants OTA’s.

Now he has been filmed and exposed to more of those partying ways.

In a new video that has surfaced online, OBJ can be seen smoking what appears to be a blunt with a woman who is snorting cocaine in bed with pizza.


The Giants have not made a statement regarding the video, but the woman has been identified as Paris IG model Laura Cuenca. Based on tattoos and a timeline, it is being speculated that the video was taken within the past three weeks.

How the G-Men and/or the NFL will respond remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Cuenca tells the New York Daily News that Beckham Jr. did not take any drugs and he was holding a piece of pizza instead of a brown cigarette.

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