Odell Beckham Jr. Punched a Hole in Wall After Giants Playoff Loss


It’s going to be a fun week for Odell Beckham Jr. following that Green bay Packers loss in the NFC Wild Card game yesterday. Especially since he could have avoided a lot of the criticism or at least minimized it leading up to the playoff game.

On the field, he managed to drop passes and finish with a 28-yard game off four receptions.

Off the field, the man was seen partying on a boat with Timberlands on prior and punched walls, told off Packers grounds crew members after the game.


According to Sal Pal Antonio at ESPN, Odell was so furious following the loss that he banged his head against a locker room door and punched a hole in the wall (above).

He also told off a Green Bay crew member:

“(The first grounds crew member) said, ‘C’mon man,’ and he was told to f— off,” Hollister said. “No one saw him punching the wall but basically he was standing right there.”

The New York Giants have not commented at this time.



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