OKC Thunder Making Steven Adams, Dennis Schröder & Andre Roberson Available in Trades

Even though the Oklahoma City Thunder have been booted from the playoffs in the first round the past two seasons, most think they can contend in the Western Conference and probably could have given the Golden State Warriors a run for their money in the postseason.

With Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant out for most or all of next season, the Western Conference is wide open and teams are putting themselves in position to take over.

Instead of making moves to strengthen, it looks like OKC is looking to shed cap space and get under the salary cap. That’s why they are making Steven Adams, Dennis Schröder & Andre Roberson available in trade talks this summer.

While this is a business move to avoid paying so much luxury tax, it’s interesting they are making Adams available. We can see them part with Schröder and Roberson but Adams has been an integral part of the Thunder’s run and a very underrated piece of what they’re working with out there. With the West wide open, it seems like the Thunder are thinking about the wrong things instead of going full force with what they have and making a run with the squad.

It’ll be interesting to see which teams inquire over these three.

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