Oscar Robertson Endorses Russell Westbrook for MVP in Oklahoma City

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The only two players to average a triple double for the entire season met at center court in Oklahoma City before tonight’s Thunder game and it was a ceremony that will go down in history.

Oscar Robertson was on hand to speak about Russell Westbrook as he was presented with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame trophy to commemorate his season record.

The Big O got on the microphone and had a few words for Westrbook, ending his speech with three letters: “M-V-P!” After a roar from the crowd and a standing ovation, Russ got on the mic and thanked the Big O for paving the way for himself. He then thanked his teammates and fans, saying how appreciative he is of them for all the support he’s received this year.

The record hadn’t been touched since 1961-1962, so you can understand how historic it is.

Now Russ will have the task of facing the other man in the MVP race, James Harden, as the Thunder will face the Houston Rockets in the first round of the playoffs.

Oh yeah, no triple double tonight, but Westbrook still played (marking his 82nd game of the year) but OKC fell for the L against the Denver Nuggets.

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