Patrick Beverly Schools ESPN Personalities on the NBA

Patrick Beverly Schooled ESPN Personalities About NBA

Pat Bev takes over ESPN

Patrick Beverly schooled ESPN personalities about NBA, making a rare appearance on this sports network to talk basketball.

Pat Beverley: The Suns should’ve benched Chris Paul!

Patrick Beverley GOES IN on the Phoenix Suns on First Take

Pat Bev calls out Chris Paul

Patrick Beverley on Devin Booker: What’s he done before though?!

Stephen A. Smith and Patrick Beverley DEBATE Chris Paul’s legacy and defensive ability

Stephen A., Pat Bev & JJ Redick debate: Was this Chris Paul’s last shot at a title?

Pat Bev ‘wouldn’t even hesitate’ to join LeBron

JJ Redick calling the Celtics title favorites upsets Pat Bev

SUPERMAX for James Harden?! Stephen A., JJ Redick & Patrick Beverley debate

Patrick Beverley: James Harden should’ve received NBA MVP THREE TIMES

It’s Stephen A. vs. Pat Bev vs. JJ Redick talking Celtics-Bucks Game 7

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