Paul George Reveals Why He Chose to Stay with the Thunder

This past weekend Paul George told the whole world he would return to Oklahoma City and ride with Russell Westbrook and the Thunder. He went to Russ’ crib in OKC with other organization teammates and associates, introduced Nas before he performed, and said he was there to stay.

In episode 3 of My Journey, PG takes us behind the curtain on his decision.

From the jump, he was speaking of the Thunder and the city of Oklahoma in a very endearing fashion. The way they received him when he came, how authentic the situation has become and the fact he can be there and create something with Westbrook that could leave a lasting legacy for not only himself, but the franchise.

Interestingly, he also mentioned his hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers, in an interesting fashion. He mentioned how he always wanted to go play for the purple and gold, but they didn’t “grab him,” implying that they didn’t want him bad enough.

So he chose to stay in OKC because of the atmosphere, genuine love and legacy.

Elsewhere in the video, Nas makes a cameo appearance as they give fans an inside look at the free agency party at Russ’ house.

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