Philadelphia 76ers Make Eye-Raising Trade to Add Shooting from Golden State

Out in the second round. . .

After dropping their last three straight games, the Philadelphia 76ers have made a last-second move to potentially save their season. The team has landed wing shooters Glenn Robinson and Alec Burks, in a trade with the Golden State Warriors. With Klay Thompson likely sitting out the entire season and Stephen Curry contemplating a return.

However, this all but now shuts down their 2020 campaign run. While Philadelphia is getting coverage for the trade, this is more so about Golden State’s upcoming summer free agency. This move has now enabled them to free cap space and potentially land a wing star in the off-season.

The team also has the worst record in the entire league and are viewed by many to get the no. 1 pick in next summer’s NBA Draft. As far Philly, this gives them a boost to their limited offense, which Embiid publicly stated this week.

Their season is all in the hands of Ben Simmons and what he does past the regular season. On paper, they have enough to compete with anybody and he’ll either get blamed or celebrated with how far they go.

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