EXCLUSIVE: Philadelphia 76ers Acquiring New Starting Point Guard

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After losing Jimmy Butler in free agency, the Philadelphia 76ers have been posing the biggest threat in the east to stop the Milwaukee Bucks in the east. With newcomers Al Horford and Josh Richardson contributing to the team in big ways, second year player Tobias Harris is also feeling comfortable – averaging 20 points a game this year.

However, the team is looking to land a new starting point guard before the trade deadline, who can also score (idiots already have Trey Burke). Currently, there’s a trade in the works with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they plan on trading Jordan Clarkson to the 76ers in the coming weeks.

Clarkson, has been averaging 14 points a game, and has gained the attention of the 76ers front office and coaching staff for a boost in scoring and shooting from deep.

Considering Ben Simmons has made all two three-pointers of his career this season, Clarkson will be another role player the team plans to have around Joel Embiid in the fourth quarter.

In our opinion, a coaching change and additional roster changes would be their best move in the off-season.

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