Rich Paul Named Head of United Talent Agency Sports Division

It’s nothing but boss moves for Rich Paul because he’s made another power one for 2019 and beyond. United Talent Agency has hired Paul to head their sports division, retaining stake in his company Klutch Sports, while letting him run it his way.

According to Marc Stein at The New York Times, UTA will allow Paul to keep its own branding as he operates the new branch off the agency. Under United, Rich will most likely expand the roster to bring in big contracts, sponsorships and endorsements. Klutch Sports currently works with NBA athletes like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, and more.

UTA chief executive Jeremy Zimmer on the new partnership:

“We’ve been looking for the right sports opportunity for quite a while. We have taken a significant stake in Klutch, but Rich retains very substantial controls because we want it to be his business and we love what he’s doing.”

Keep an eye out for more athletes to sign with Klutch Sports Group in the near future.

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