Rob Gronkowski Suspended for One Game Following Dirty Hit

A frustrated Gronk after the game

The NFL has decided to suspend Rob Gronkowski after a hit he made on Tre’Davious White, which he claims was out of frustration from the interception he managed to haul down. The two were battling for position as Gronk ran the route and White was in the path of Tom Brady‘s throw and came down with it.

After the play when White was out of bounds, already down and defenseless, Gronk threw himself on him and managed to hit him and kick him in the head.

He was immediately flagged for uncessary roughness, but there was another penalty on the play away from the ball that caused Gronk’s flag to offset.

Here’s Rob’s apology after the game.

“I was just really frustrated at that moment. Just want to apologize”

Gronkowski plans to appeal the penalty and decision, but as of now, will be out in the upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins next Monday night.

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