Rockets Players Went Looking for Austin Rivers After Clippers Loss

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Chris Paul made his way back to Los Angeles tonight to face his old team, the Clippers. Things got very physical on the court. Not to mention the crowd was a bit of a mixed bag. Some booed him when he touched the ball for the first time. Some cheered during player introductions.

Either way, the players on the opposing team were anything but welcoming.

Blake Griffin and CP3 got into a few incidents on both ends of the court. Eric Gordon got a ball thrown at his back. Trevor Ariza was involved in some heated words being exchanged and got double technicals. Griffin got ejected from the game too. Mike D’Antoni even threw curse words at Blake.

Tensions were very high and both sides seemed to hate each other’s guts.

The Clippers managed to take home the win, but Rockets players weren’t leaving without confronting a few of the Clippers face to face again afterwards.

It is being reported that Paul, Ariza, James Harden and Gerald Green charged to the L.A. locker room gun-ho through a back hallway, looking for Austin Rivers. Apparently, Griffin was being searched for as well. Clint Capela even knocked on the door to the locker room, it was opened and when the person realized who it was, the door was shut in his face.

Reports are saying that the LAPD was called to the scene too.

Rivers didn’t even play in the game because he was nursing an ankle injury, but he was seen shouting things at Ariza from the bench during fourth quarter. As far as where he was after the game remains to be seen.

Get your popcorn ready for when these two teams face each other again.

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