Russell Westbrook’s 10-Year Deal with Michael Jordan Affects His Thunder Future

Jordan passes the torch to Westbrook!

Since his final retirement in 2003, Michael Jordan has been looking for a superstar player to pass the torch to and hasn’t been successful in finding a current successor. Despite having Carmelo Anthony, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin and captain Chris Paul on his roster for many years; M.J. made a bold decision this week. Along with help from his inner-circle, Jordan Brand officially inked Russell Westbrook to a new 10-year deal, with the Nike-derived company.

Thanks to Westbrook being a clean-cut, person of good character and a private family figure; he’s the epitome of what Mr. Jumpman wants representing his brand. If you’re not understanding this, Russell Westbrook has officially become the face of Jordan Brand. While contract details haven’t been shared to the public, Russ signed the largest player deal since Mike’s 1998 retirement.

This means he’ll be presented more in the public eye and will likely head to a bigger market, if he doesn’t agree to a super-max extension before-or-on October 16th. After the 2018 season next summer, Russell can opt-out of his contract and sign with any team he wants; as the Thunder front-office has started to gain anxiety over the situation. Even with acquiring Paul George a few months ago, OKC hasn’t been given any indication that PG13 will stay either.

So, essentially, both superstars could leave the team, forcing OKC to have an entire rebuild process. However, if there is a chance Westbrook decides later in the year to stay with the Thunder, the Jordan Brand money will make up for his loss. Staying with OKC would mean he retires as a member of the organization, and puts trust in the front office for getting him more talent.

Considering his up-tempo and aggressive play against defenders, we would advise him to take the money now at 28, before a major injury happens. The veteran supermax extension could get him approximately $207 million in total, making $31 million a season. Although he hasn’t surpassed Steph Curry, LeBron James or Kevin Durant in overall jersey sales; the league has big plans for their current baby-face superstar, whether the general public likes it or not.

Let us know in the comments below if you think the real MVP would or should leave OKC next year.

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