San Francisco 49ers Give Jimmy Garoppolo $137 Million Dollar Bag

When the San Francisco 49ers made the trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, they knew they potentially had their quarterback for the future. After starting five games for the Niners last season (and winning all five), they have decided to make him the QB for the long term, giving him a 5-year, $137M dollar contract.

Lucky for him, $90 million of it is guaranteed in the first three years.

Now that Jimmy GQ has secured the bag, he now becomes one of the league’s highest players and has the reigns of the team heading into next season.

In such a small sample size, Garoppolo has only seven starts under his name between the 49ers and New England Patriots. He has thrown for 2,250 yards, 12 touchdowns and 5 interceptions during that time span. His total QBR is 77.7.

Welcome your new savior San Fran.

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