Sebastian Telfair Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison, Has Emotional Meltdown in Court

Back in 2003, Sebastian Telfair had the world at his hands; linking up with JAY-Z and Roc-a-Fella, before being drafted to the NBA. Unfortunately, he never found the right team to fit his style of play, as well as a coach that would let him show his talents.

He even admitted to not possessing the same hunger, after his insane Adidas contract and check he received prior to the 2004 draft. However, the life of the Coney Island native changed back in January 2017, where he was arrested on having illegal weapons in the state of New York.

His guns were registered in his current home state of Florida, but wasn’t licensed to have them in NYC. Telfair was convicted last April on one count of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon; as police found a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, a ballistic vest and marijuana in a routine traffic stop.

After declining to accept a plea deal, he took his case to court this week and was found guilty illegal firearms – receiving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

An emotional Telfair said, “Please don’t take me from society right now. I am 34. I can go play in China for six years and take care of my family. I’m waiting for my daughter right now to get her period. Real mental illness because I wasn’t around. She hasn’t even gotten her period yet.”

While shouting and crying, he continued on saying, “Sebastian Telfair is going to jail for a victim-less crime. Put a gun in his hand and fight for us niggas. I go to the gun store. I got an American Express.”

This was on the heels of proclaiming that his traffic stop was unjust, as his car was illegally searched. The District Attorney’s Office of Brooklyn and the Internal Affairs Bureau concluded that the arrest was justified.

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