EXCLUSIVE: Why the Spurs Aren’t Trading DeMar DeRozan to Lakers, Status of Kuzma & Danny Green

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Spurs not trading DeMar DeRozan Lakers, despite laughable reports of Danny Green returning back to the San Antonio Spurs. For whatever reason, reports surfaced today, that the Lakers were interested in trading Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green to the Spurs for DeMar DeRozan.

This piece of news sounding pretty hilarious to us, since most people forgot what happened in San Antonio. Dating back to the entire Kawhi Leonard situation, the Lakers were trying to trade for him during the summer of 2018.

At the time, Kobe Bryant was the main lobbyer for Klaw joining the team; but they had to settle with LeBron James. During free agency, Greg Poppovich refused to do business with helping LeBron build a super-team in Los Angeles. With Kawhi sitting out the entire season on strike, he was sent to the Toronto Raptors.

During that time, Danny Green was the only person that supported Kawhi’s decision to miss time; which led to him falling out with management and the coaching staff. That same coaching staff is the reason why he’s not coming back to team; as well as them not wanting to help the self-proclaimed King.

When Kawhi was traded to Toronto, Danny Green was packaged in that same deal to the Raptors, where they won a ring that same year. With Danny also making $15 million this year, his contract will be extremely difficult to move; considering his play in the NBA Finals.

Regarding Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers are all but confirmed to be moving him at this point; as he’ll be guaranteed a certain number of millions that will put them over the luxury cap. Due to the team re-signing Anthony Davis to a max-deal this fall, Danny Green will also be moved elsewhere too.

The only question we have, is where Kuzma will be going; because he’s one of the most sought-after players right now. He’ll be thankfully leaving the catch-and-shoot offense of LeBron, as we’ll expect to see Kuzma’s career bounce back under the right coach and system.

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