Steph Curry & Kyrie Irving Mock LeBron James’ Workout Routine

Steph Curry mocks Lebron James workout videos as Kyrie Irving laughs hysterically. Things are fine in Cleveland

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Last night, Harrison Barnes had a wedding ceremony and celebration party following the big moment in his life. As expected, various former teammates of the Golden State Warriors were present to support their brother and hit the dance floor. Kyrie Irving, was also present for the celebration, as he hit the dance floor with his friends, including Steph for First Day Out.”

Curry took it upon himself to mock rival LeBron James, imitating his workout and medication sessions from earlier this summer. Kyrie was soon spotted in the background encouraging Steph to continue the moment, which made it clear that there were issues between the two current Cleveland Cavaliers players. With Dan Gilbert saying that he expects Irving to be in training camp in two months, we’re having serious doubts that he’ll still be on the team come October.

Take a look at the original videos below after you watch the hilarity above.

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