Steph Curry Reacts to Cleveland Cavaliers & Houston Rockets Making Roster Moves

They’re monitoring everything. . .

Over the last week, both the Cleveland Cavaliers (see: trade deadline) and Houston Rockets (Joe Johnson signing later this week), have made roster adjustments. With LeBron James getting talent that complement’s his style-of-play and the Houston Rockets on the verge of landing a significant piece, the Golden State Warriors are monitoring moves of their biggest threats.

This week, during a morning shoot-around, Steph Curry opened up on his team taking notice of those teams trying to come for their heads in the playoffs. Surprisingly, Curry understood the desperation tactics of their opponents, and even sent a sarcastic jab – saying teams teams are trying to throw names in a pot and see if it works. Watch more from the conversation below, where Steph also feels like the Warriors didn’t have to make any runs for their next post-season run.

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