Stephen A. Smith Calls Out ESPN for LeBron James Oversaturation

This has been going on for 15 years. . .

Last week, reports surfaced that the Cleveland Cavaliers were inquiring on a DeAndre Jordan trade, if LeBron James is willing to re-sign a long-term extension (hasn’t hinted at any plans of staying). Well, Stephen A. Smith has finally gotten tired of King James having arguably the most-stacked team in his career; who still doesn’t feel like it’s enough to defeat the Golden State Warriors.

He blatantly called out ESPN for constantly covering every non-sense story of LeBron, which he also believes James purposely wants to be the center of the conversation. S.A.S. feels like leaving Cleveland for a second time this off-season, for another stacked team would diminish his legacy.

Considering the Los Angeles Lakers currently don’t have the same personnel as Cleveland, the belief is that he will team-up with Paul George, Lonzo Ball and a possible big-man in free agency whose name rhymes with DeMarcus Cousins. Let us know in the comments if you agree with Stephen A. and whether or not LeBron will make his third decision this summer.

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