Stephen A. Smith is Finally Realizing his Worth Amidst Current ESPN Crisis

Stephen A. Smith ESPN Firing 2023 Story

you’re bigger than ESPN and nobody will watch after you leave. . .

Back in 2009, Stephen A. Smith was sent home from ESPN, after the failed launch of his Quite Frankly television show. This continued for 3 years, as he was off-the-grind, working a desk job at CNN. Things came to a head, when he previously threw Allen Iverson under the bus, which he later apologized for.

During the early 2000s, SAS had the entire black culture supporting him, which has been lost throughout the years. However, with ESPN becoming a hut for LeBron-propaganda in recent years, Stephen A hasn’t been playing ball with staying corporate.

Since launching his own YouTube show last year, Stephen has been setting himself up to work beyond any surprise firings at ESPN. Now, for the first time in his career, Stephen is looking to become the highest paid person at the house that he’s built.

Yes, the fate of ESPN day-time TV relies on Stephen A. Smith, and many will not tune in if he’s gone. The network has just re-hired Pat McAfee, to do NFL coverage – but he has no basketball experience. For ESPN, they center their entire network around the NBA, since they have the exclusivity rights for the company still.

Last month, the ESPN had their second round of major layoffs this year, including Jalen Rose, Jeff Van Gundy, Max Kellerman and others that were immediately let go. Now, Stephen is coming to the realization that he might have to make a tough decision and finally bet on himself.

With FanDuel Sportsbook TV preparing for major shows fall with a former co-host of UNDISPUTED, Stephen will no longer be underpaid. That’s right, Stephen A. Smith has never been the highest paid person at ESPN, including working the hardest in comparison to every on-air personality. On NBA nights, he’s at ESPN 6:00am and does game coverage through 10:00pm at night. That’s kind of insane to do two times a week, and still work weekends.

Through reports at Sports Illustrated, it’s estimated that Stephen A. Smith makes a $13 million a year, while Pat McAfee will start at $17 million a year starting this fall.

According to Bleacher Report, Stephen A. Smith is under contract until 2025.

If I’m Stephen A. Smith, I’m putting my foot down after years of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights.

if you really want us back on your side (cause you will need us), apologize to Kyrie, Kwame and leave them black athletes alone.

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