Stephen A’s First Take Ratings Become Worst Show on ESPN after Removing Max

Stephen A Smith First Take Ratings Decrease Max Kellerman Leaving

and they’re losing to undisputed. . . .

Stephen A Smith First Take ratings decrease Max Kellerman leaving, shedding light on what shows are really getting viewership on ESPN. Just shy of a month ago, Stephen A. Smith had Max Kellerman removed from First Take. The plan was to attract more eyes to morning debate show Skip Bayless built.

While the plan was for the show to score huge ratings after Max’s departure, that hasn’t been the case at all. The ratings have fell dramatically, to essentially becoming the worst show on the entire network.

Get Up, which airs an hour before First Take, shockingly generates more ratings than First Take. NFL Live, Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption also have a higher audience watching those series on Live TV.

Although First Take has a large audience for the YouTube community online, this is alarming for Stephen A to have the worst show among their top 5 at the network. This can’t be good for his plans of hosting a late-night talk show on the Disney-ran platform.

The untitled late-night series has been in the works all of 2021, which is expected to see details emerge at some point in 2022.

Take a look at the ratings breakdown below.

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