Stephen A. Smith Confirms the LeBron-Agenda after Blacking Out on Brooklyn Nets

The real super-team. . .

Before the NBA took over ESPN, people had opinions on who they believed was playing good or underperforming. However, in recent years, the league has complete control of what is said on ESPN. No one has an opinion there, especially when it pertains to LeBron James and the team he plays. In the past, Stephen A had been very critical of the acclaimed-King, until the network lost serious ratings.

It’s gotten to the point, where they’ve brought back the NHL to make them a center of attraction on ESPN+. However, last night, Stephen A took to the gram to call out the Brooklyn Nets for signing LaMarcus Aldridge. He’s under the belief that the Nets are going to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals. Although he’s way past his prime, along with Blake Griffin; the Nets have no interior defensive presence.

Hell, Brooklyn has zero defense at all and it’s going to show in May during the playoffs. With the Lakers, LeBron would be the worst defender on the court, after they get Andre Drummond. The team already has Anthony Davis, as well as the best point-guard defender in the league, Dennis Schroder. So, we’re not sure how they’re not going to demolish the west, then whoever makes it to the Finals this year.

We’re not betting against the squad he’s constructed for a chance at repeating. This is one of the most insane teams in basketball history on defense; pending they get Andre Drummond in a few hours. Drummond is a walking 20-and-10, which should give Davis a lower risk of getting re-injured with a paint defender there. This could be the best 1-5 tandem team we’ve ever seen LeBron James play on.

Seeing Stephen A concerned about washed players, is quite alarming and overshadowing the real super team in the NBA.

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